Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Theme Animals. Deadline April 2, 2010. For an upcoming issue, we're seeking new essays about the bonds--emotional, ethical, biological, physical, or otherwise--between humans and animals. We're looking for stories that illustrate ways animals (wild and/or domestic) affect, enrich, or otherwise have an impact on our daily lives. $1,000 award for the best essay about animals (The Robert Fragasso Animal Advocate Award). $500 for Creative Nonfiction Editor's Award. 5,000 words or less.

NOTE: Everyone loves to write about animals. But this has to be deeper than your dog's trip to the vet or the cat saving you from a fire. This isn't journalism or a magazine feature. This is emotional connection. Challenge, huh?

DOUBLE NOTE: I feel like I'm in a maze with this third book. The writing is phenomenally better, but the plotting keeps bumping into deadend walls.

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lexcade said...

booo walls. yaaaay paid essays!

i'd love to give this a shot. when i was growing up, my animals were my best friends. i hope i can do them proud :)