Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Class Act Books - Excellence in Romance Fiction - Seeks Submissions


Note the following call for submissions from this relatively new traditional romance publisher of paperback and ebook formats - :

Romance and Erotica Romance Novels - Looking for those novels in any romance genre and sub-genres that will stir a reader's heart. Write us those sweet to sassy hot romances, we love to hear new author voices that can write characters that come alive off those pages. Send in your best novel from 25k to 75k.

At the present time the books are in six retail stores and also available on the website in both print and ebooks. Through the retailers your book is available for readers on their IPhone and ITouch, and any handheld reader. Of course, having the ISBN puts the print books in BIP (Books in Print) through Bowkers, which makes them all available in any book store in the US and internationally. Class Act Books is growing every day and will continue to expand.

NOTE: If you want to learn about all the different subgenre in romance, spend some time at this site. It's detailed!
DOUBLE NOTE: Dang, the weather is gorgeous here. Planted butterbeans, field peas, okra, green beans and squash today when I should have been writing.

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