Monday, February 22, 2010



Belly has a special talent. He sees dead people. In At Witt’s End, Belly sniffs out a few ghosts and helps Sadie solve a murder. He also serves as taste-tester when it comes to Jane Witt’s arguable cooking skills. Poor dog, no wonder he suffers from indigestion! What better way to reward Belly for his sleuthing skills than to create a dog treat recipe!The Witt sisters challenge you to create a dog treat recipe based on the At Witt’s End theme, locale, up north/lake appeal, etc. The treats can be basic, vegetarian, biscuit, cheesy, beefy/liver, gourmet, bread machine baked, microwavable, or a decorated treat, as long as the ingredients are safe for dogs and have a catchy name (Tail Waggin’ Tasties, Simply Spaniel, Woof Wafers, Yippin’ Yummies, Bulldog Biscotti, Puppy Pops).The creator of the winning recipe will receive a $50 VISA debit card. The recipe will be featured on this website, my Mysteries and Chit Chat blog, and will have a recipe page in Outwitted, the second in the Sadie Witt Mystery Series. Deadline September 1, 2010.

NOTE: Maybe I'm stretching this as writing, but it sounded fun and it's affiliated with a mystery release. Cute.

DOUBLE NOTE: Working on a March special for FundsforWriters.

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